A Team of Web Designers Can Make A, Professional, Functional and Fully Customized Website For You

Your Website Portrays Your Business Image, Our Web Designers Will Give You A Professional Website For Just Rs. 5,000

Super-Quick Website Setup

In-built Blog Section
Dynamic Product Gallery
No dependence on a designer, programmer
1000’s of Designs to choose from
Customer Contact Form

We will also optimize your website for search engines

Update your own website through a simple control panel

  • No recurring cost.
  • Freedom from your designer
  • No need to learn HTML or programming
  • As simple as typing a letter or sending an email
  • Start ranking in google

Let us help you keep your website updated.

  • Nominal Fees
  • Quick turn-around-time
  • No long-term contracts

Budget Website Package

  • Rs. 5000
  • Upto 5 pages
  • 7 days free support and updates for those pages
  • 1 Free Domain Name and Free Hosting Space as required

Advanced Website Package

  • Rs. 20000
  • Upto 12 pages
  • 30 days free support and updates for those pages
  • 1 Free Domain Name and Free Hosting Space as required

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We Offer A Complete Comprehensive Package

Just as you can’t plan a concert without a band, it’s counterintuitive to buy web hosting without a website. While Hosting Xtreme has proven expertise in web hosting and domain name sales, we are proud to offer assistance with the most vital part in running a website: the web pages themselves.

For businesses ranging from fortune cookies to education, and everything in between, Hosting Xtreme has provided web design and development services to clients. Our staff will tirelessly work to produce a website that your business can be proud of. Bring your business online, and connect with customers in a new, intuitive way!

Hosting Xtreme recognizes that moving your business into the online realm can be a daunting task, and wants to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Your approval is extremely important to us; and we ask for it every step of the way. In fact, we won’t charge you any money until you approve the final design for the website. That makes this is a virtually risk-free opportunity for you to expand your market into the online community.

What we do for you:

Whether your business is just starting, growing quickly, or simply looking to expand its presence online, we provide a package with a wide scope of work to match your needs. Here’s how:

1. Tell us what you know - It would be hard to build a great website without information about your business, and no one knows more about your business than you do. Provide us with any content you want included on your website.

2. Time to design - Our designers will work with you to find a design scheme that reflects your business. This includes the colors on website, the layout of the links and other content, and designing of the logo.

3. Add some substance - Even though we make it easy for your business to add or change content whenever you like, our developers will still help you to hit the ground running by adding up to 20 pages of content themselves.

4. Technical Support - For up to two months after the launch of your new website, our skilled technicians will be pleased to apply their expertise towards helping you solve any problems you may encounter.

Features offered:

  • Personalized Theme – With form and function in mind, our web designers will create fluid websites that are as easy on the eye as they are to navigate.
  • Add Content Easily – Websites are meant to be a fluid, flexible medium that changes with your business. Knowing this, our developers make it easier than ever to change and update the content on your website to fit your needs.
  • Comments – Nothing builds trust between consumers and businesses like direct contact; establish a rapport with your customers with our intuitive comments system.
  • Spam Protection – Our developers can offer services designed to examine the comments on your website and report which posts are spam, and which are real consumers.
  • Optimized for Search Engines – Almost 9 out of 10 people find local business through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing . If your business isn’t listed, it isn’t being found. Our website design scheme is geared towards search engine efficiency, connecting you with customers like never before.
  • Contact Forms – Get the scoop directly from your customers by giving them a place to easily contact you online.
  • Picture Gallery – Give your business a face with pictures of products, customers, events, workers, or anything else you could possibly want.
  • Payment Gateway Integration – Online shopping constitutes more than a quarter of all consumer purchases , our developers will implement this seamlessly into your website, making online purchases simple for both your customers and your business.
  • Integration with Current Blogs – If your business already runs a blog, our developers can easily include all of the content of your blog into your new website.
  • Future Compatibility – The W3C is the body which decides web standards. Since our developers comply to all their regulations, your website will be compatible with browsers far into the future.
  • HTML Editing – HTML is the language of the web, and our developers speak it fluently, giving you the ability to determine exactly what you want from your website and us the ability to make that happen.

Samples Of Our Past Work