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Is It Worth Hiring A Content Writer For SEO? You Can DIY too

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Is It Worth Hiring A Content Writer For SEO? You Can DIY too

Is It Worth Hiring A Content Writer For SEO? You Can DIY too

Everyone knows the open secret of content being a key factor in SEO. Search Engines are looking for more content with the sweet words that you want to use for drawing visitors to your blog or website. Does Hiring a Content Writer really make a difference or should you do it yourself? This article weighs the pros and cons of having a professional content writer to help you generate content for your website. We will also deal with how it may be more beneficial for you to write your own content and how it may give you an edge over content manufacturing.


If you are new to the world of SEO and are totally lost about where to begin, it may be beneficial to start off with a small or medium sized firm to get you off the ground. If you don’t notice a reasonable increase in traffic or in sales, you can always switch to another SEO firm. After a certain point of time, you will realize that run-of-the-mill firms will not be able to get you ranked higher, neither will they be able to provide any new inputs. At that time, it maybe a good idea to take some cues from them and try to follow those practices on your own. After the inital “on page optimization” most SEO firms will just keep generating content for you. This is something that you can do yourself. You can also appoint in-house staff to handle these tasks along with your Social Media campaigns.

A point to note is that if you are stuck with an inexperienced SEO firm, which uses unethical or illegal means to achieve rankings for your website, you will be penalized by search engines and will lose out on any rankings that you may have. Remember, you can’t fool Google or any other search engines by faking your site’s popularity. Your site will immediately be removed from their list and will need to be relisted.


Time is money and so is a good ranking on Search Engines. If you or your staff do not have time to manage your website and cook up fresh content daily, then you maybe better off hiring a firm that will handle it for you. You will, however, realize that after a certain point of effort, they have little motivation and have reached a saturation point. If you don’t have the big bucks to spend on an agency to do the job, you can definitely do it yourself as well. There are numerous tutorials which will guide you in optimizing your website and increasing visitor traffic. There are no shortcuts to gaining popularity in the long run. Doing SEO yourself will help you understand your visitors better and will help you gauge the pulse of your website’s progress.


In the past few years SEO companies have mushroomed up everywhere. Even those who know little about it are guaranteeing rankings and results for your website. But most people don’t have even basic knowledge of how SEO is actually done. They do not have any certification or qualifications which are adequate to justify their fees. Having said that, it is best to judge an SEO company by the performance of its earlier projects. When hiring one such SEO company, we were surprised to find that even when typing in their full name in Google, their website did not come up on the first 2 pages. This raised a red flag, since an SEO company which claims to boost your own website’s ranking should surely be able to do the same for their own business. Or maybe their website was penalized for using black hat techniques. It’s best to stay away from such a service.

In most cases, the SEO firm knows nothing about your business and they are not even bothered about doing research about your requirements. When your business is in a specialized industry or serves a niche market, “one size” just doesn’t “fit all”. And you are probably the best one to know your own business.  We know a lot of small and medium business owners, who have taken it upon themselves to push their website on Social Media and to handle the SEO. They have even done online courses and tutorials to master the art of SEO. While some of them are not very successful, the bulk of these business owners are now SEO experts and have learnt the ropes on how to make any website in their industry a success.


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