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When Should You Get a Custom Designed Website?

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In a prior article, I had written about how many website owners are shunning website designers and going in for ready-made website designs which are available off the shelf. However, there are many instances when you should only get a tailor-made website and handover that responsibility to a professional design firm. This article explains when you should not stick to a template and instead get your website custom designed.

Niche Product

If you are selling a Niche Product which is positioned to be for an exclusive and elite target audience, then you cannot afford to shame yourself by purchasing a ready made template for your website. Every bit of your website must reflect the quality and reputation of your brand. Every action on the website must be in sync with the perception that you aim to inculcate in the minds of your audience. Using a standard design or having a disconnected look and feel for your website, may cause visitors to shun purchasing from your website. Your website is like an online store-front. It should match the same colour scheme and branding as your real brick and mortar stores.


All reputed design firms prepare a set of branding guidelines which indicate to the user, how the brand identity of the product or service must be used. Branding Guidelines give clear instructions as to for what purpose, which set of colours, tokens or parts of the identity should be used. Branding guidelines also mention when and where logo’s should be used and the conditions for using them in different scenarios. Eg: If a logo is accompanied by text then how it would appear on a garden sign or on a name plate or on a billboard. It may also mention how the logo should appear in black and white or how it should appear when the background is coloured or transparent. Such guidelines also include branding for the web and include the font and style which must be maintained throughout the website. Colour schemes for web and print maybe different and must be dealt with differently and must be accordingly applied by your website developers.

Trusty Developers

If you have an able and willing team of developers and designers you should definitely go full throttle and make use of their services for your website. Due to a dearth of good and reliable coders, many website owners prefer to go the template route and avoid customizing their website’s as they do not want to be independent or locked into their design team. But if you have an in-house team or a sister concern which is into website development, then you should definitely seize the opportunity and get a website personalized for your products or services.

Personal Touch

When Should You Get a Custom Designed Website?

When Should You Get a Custom Designed Website?

The most important reason why you would go in for a personalized website design is because you can add your own personal touch to the look and feel of the site. The right kind of transitions, animations, effects and even colour scheme can be executed only when your website is tailor-made for your organization. The entire design is in your control and can be evolved over time to suit your brands changing identity.

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