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What is Cloud Computing?

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  1. The name cloud computing was inspired by the cloud symbol that is often used to represent the Internet in flowcharts and diagrams.
  2. The goal of cloud computing is to provide easy, scalable access to computing resources and IT services.
  3. Cloud computing is a general term for any service that provides computation, software, data access.
  4. It is sold on demand, typically by the minute or the hour. Eg: If you want cloud computing services only for a day, you need not pay for a longer duration.
  5. It is elastic — a user can have as much or as little of a service as they want at any given time.
  6. The service is fully managed by the provider. i.e. you don’t have to bother about power back-up, data back-up, software, hardware, physical space or even trained personnel.
  7. A cloud can be private or public.
  8. A public cloud sells services to anyone on the Internet.
  9. A private cloud is a proprietary network or a data center that supplies hosted services to a limited number of people.


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