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What is an SSL Certificate? Does my website need one? Pros and Cons

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HostingXtreme is the right option for Hosting

HostingXtreme is the right option for Hosting

Making sure information sent over the internet is safe has been an issue to worry about for some years now. However; the internet is still used and considered the best way to transact business. Before you decide if your small business needs SSL certificate, knowing exactly what it is and means is important.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Basically, an SSL Certificate is a small information file or document that is dispersed by companies that are made available or posted into websites. This means, when these websites are accessed by individuals, cryptographic keys are instigated which ensures that, all information processed across servers are very safe. An SSL Certificate ensures that, you are not robbed of very important information being transmitted over the website at the point in time by third parties. When a website is safe, people know by looking to spot some telltale signs. Every website that is secure with SSL Certificate has its HTTP changed into HTTPS in its browser. Also, the website will have a visible padlock that is locked on the browser bar to make it known to users of its safety. When you are about to use an unsecure website, some browsers have been designed to make you know.

When is SSL Certificate Important?

Whenever there will be a transmission or processing of very vital customer or company information, SSL Certificates are needed. This is very important where online merchants and their credit cards are concerned. Also, a small company can use it to show its customers how secure and safe they are to do business with by having the SSL Certificate. Seasoned online shoppers know the signs of secured websites so, they will not want to do business with you if they find out you are not secured.

It is mostly important for retail businesses and online ecommerce stores to have SSL Certificate. This is the only way they can be assured about the safety of their loved ones and family. No matter the size of your business, make sure you are SSL certified before any business transaction with clients is made. If you have a website where you ask people to sign up which means providing their websites and others, you need to be SSL certified.

Pros and Cons of SSL Certificates;

  1. You do not have to always make payment for the security you get. However; free SSL Certificates can never be trusted.
  2. All information is safe which means, there are no third parties to steal and leak out information.
  3. When SSL Certificates are not obtained the right way, it can affect the efficiency of the security and fraudsters can break through.
  4. When there are issues with the service, getting into contact with the providers on time is paramount or else, there can be so much damage caused before they get back to you.
  5. Check the price of SSL Certificate from the provider and read reviews before you sign up with any of them to ensure security.


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