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Using a secured connection to transfer files through FTP

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This article explains how you can create an encrypted secure connection to our server, to upload or download files using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

This option works only with the default cPanel Username and Password.

It does NOT work for sub-accounts created in the FTP User Accounts section of cpanel (username with an @domain.com) To encrypt a connection made by a sub-account, you can refer to out article on FTPeS (FTP over Explicit TLS)

SFTP File Transfer

SFTP:// Secure File Transfer Protocol to encrypt your FTP connection


SFTP through FileZilla

  1. Open FileZilla
  2. In the Host: field type in
    or type in
  3. In the Username field type in the full cPanel Username
  4. In the Password field type in the cPanel Password.
  5. In the Port field type in 22 (or leave blank if you have typed sftp:// in the domain name above)
  6. Click on the Connect button
  7. You should now see the welcome message and be connected through SFTP.
  8. You can verify this by clicking on the Lock icon at the bottom of the FileZilla window.

SFTP Certificate



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