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Troubleshooting Email Delivery with the Email Tracking Feature in cPanel

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Want to know what is happening to the emails you are sending? Are your recipients not receiving your email? Are your clients not able to send you email?

Many times, we receive support requests from customers who have been sending out mail, which their recipients claim not to have received. They often ask us if there is any Proof of Delivery of the email or if they can trace whether the email was received at the recipients end or not.

This Article explains how you can use the cPanel Email Tracking Feature, to trace the delivery of emails to and from your account.

You have to know the cPanel login details to use the email trace feature. If you only have an email login for webmail, you will need to contact your company’s domain administrator to check on your email log.

The following steps will help you to trace your email delivery:

1. Login to your cPanel account.

2. In the new Paper Lantern theme go to the Track Delivery option under the Email section.

Track and Trace email delivery


3. On the Track Delivery page, you can enter the email address of the recipient.

Enter recipient email address to track

4.  You will now see a tabular email delivery log for that recipient.

See the delivery log for that recipient

5. Click on the Magnifying glass icon in the email delivery log to see all the details of that entry.

Click on the Magnifying glass to see more details


Note: The delivery logs do not provide information on whether the email was read or opened. It only shows the details of – if and when – the recipients email server received the mail and if it returned any delivery error. In case the recipient is using a complex mailing system or firewall system and the mails are being filtered, the delivery log maybe inaccurate. Eg: If the mail was delivered to the recipients server and subsequently filtered or marked as spam or automatically deleted at their end, our server would never know this and continue to show the delivery as successful.

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