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Top 10 Questions to Ask your Web Hosting Provider

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Make a Mobile Friendly WebsiteEvery business that wants to gain international acclaim and also make money from other parts of the world needs a website. This is because; many consumers feel happy when they can boast and say the store they shop from in their area has a website which to them means international acclaim. To have your website launched online needs a web hosting provider or company. Hiring a web hosting company needs to be done with so much care. Below are some questions to ask a web hosting provider before you hire their services.

  1. What do they offer? The company must offer you with live chat, telephone support, email assistance through the ticketing process as well as FAQs.
  2. When are they accessible? They should always be around during office hours and also after hours to help if you have asked them earlier.
  3. Ask them if technical support costs additional fees? No web hosting providing company should charge extra fees for issues relating to hosting questions. However; if you ask for solutions relating to other hosting accounts, you will have to pay.
  4. How much storage do they provide? This is a very important question to ask because; little storage will mean, your website is as good as dead. A normal website will use between 20 to 30 MB of space. This means, you should check your aim of designing and wanting to host this website and if this will be enough.
  5. Do they make available adequate storage space for your business to develop and expand into? There is the need for you to have at least some space to cover the existing hosting needs times two. Also, they should have a clear and effortless upgrade path especially when you need more. For instance; a provider that offers 100MB is a good way to start.
  6. Ask if they will register your domain name on your behalf. You do not need to worry yourself about the technical details of obtaining the domain and moreover, you will want to make just a single payment for the domain and hosting all together.
  7. How long or how much time will they take? If they tell you they will take more than 48 hours from the time you make order to the time for website to be live, hold on and check other providers.
  8. Ask there will be any other additional costs to you. Part from the main amount of the domain name – which should even not be more than $18, there should be an amount charged for registering and also maintaining the domain name. Most companies however try to provide their clients with a free first year domain name.
  9. Do they have a builder that is easy to manage? They need to have this builder as well as free web templates within your control panel area.
  10. Do you have control over all updates as well as content? You need to have full control over your content through FTP or control panels’ file manager.

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