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Why Do People Hate Changing Their Web Hosting Provider? Even Bad Ones

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We hear many times about good clients who are still stuck to bad hosting services. We try to rationalize and investigate as to what is it that could be making their hosting provider so magnetic. In our quest for reason and understanding, we realized that not every client makes wise decisions. This article highlights some of the reasons why people hate to switch to a new host, even after experiencing mediocre or bad service with high pricing.

Resistance to change

In most large organizations, which have a lot of staff, there is often a resistance to change their system of working or even switching to a new system or new provider. The staff are already accustomed and have set themselves well into the old system and so have the managers and supervisors. A change in the system or in the way of working is pretty unnerving for many staff members, especially those who are elderly or who are new. Even managers don’t want the headache of re-training the staff and having to tolerate excuses due to lack of knowledge of the new system. This is true when companies switch their web hosting and data storage providers as well. This can easily be overcome with the appropriate training and maybe even counselling. The training will reassure the staff that they are  switching to a more efficient and modern system.

Comfort Level

Once you have developed a congenial rapport with your web host, it is difficult to part ways, especially due to the friendship that has developed with the team. This may lead you to stick to a web host who overcharges you or gives your bad support. But due to the friendly relations, you would prefer to turn a blind eye rather than put your foot down and make the first move. This often leads to things becoming worse and the relationship becoming more like a hostage situation. It’s like the “Stockholm Syndrome” where you as the customer are sympathizing with your hostage taker i.e. the web host. Realizing this early can save your business a lot of money and also a lot of time spent with unproductive or inefficient systems. A client who recently switched to our service was hosted with a local provider for over 12 years. The local provider was his good friend and had helped him to setup the website initially. However, when he realized that the old web host had been charging him over $600 annually for a 10 GB account, he flipped over. Things got sour and they separated on an unpleasant note.


Many clients suffer their web hosting experience due to their own lethargy and laziness to switch. They procrastinate searching for a web host or claim that they are too busy with other things. What they don’t realize is that if they were to monetize their website and switch to a cheaper and more efficient web host, they may not only save money but make more money with the additional business. It’s more of mental lethargy rather than physical.

Lack of knowledge

Many elderly entrepreneurs who setup websites when no one even knew about them, are still stuck in that era. Those who were once pioneers in having an online portal are now subject of “How not to make your website” tutorials. This is usually due to their lack of knowledge that there are better and newer technologies available. The same old web hosting has been going on for ages. We were once studying a website for transferring to our services, when we realized that the version of IMAP running on that server was so old that the firm that did the coding had gone out of business since 10 years. The IMAP server was last updated in 1998 and has been stuck at the same version since then, oblivious of all the new viruses, vulnerabilities and threats that are existent. Online window shopping and even reading up on the latest in the hosting industry can surely help you decide when and how to upgrade your web hosting infrastructure.


One of the silliest reasons that we have heard, for sticking to a bad web host was that the web host was giving some freebies bundled with the package. What were those freebies? Free clipart and free web templates. For those readers who have still not understood the silliness of the situation: You can get free clipart, free web templates and even a free website builder, without being bound to your hosting service or being subject to the mediocre support that they provide.

Doing a bit of research on Google could help you save a lot of money and also make your online presence more impactful for your business.

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