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Manage your Domain Name DNS Settings at HostingXtreme

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If you have bought a domain name through us and would like to redirect the domain name to another website or change the DNS pointers, you can follow the steps below:

Note: Modifying or changing the DNS settings can cause your site to become unavailable if you make a mistake. 

1. Login to HostingXtreme’s Client Area with your registered Email Address and Password. You can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Login to your client area

2. Go to Domains >> My Domains in the Client Area as shown below.

Client Area Domains


3. Under the corresponding domain that you want to modify, go to Manage Domain.

Client Area Manage Domain


4. Under Manage Domains visit the Management Tools >> Manage DNS section

Client Area Manage DNS

5. A typical domain name’s records look something like this

Client Area Manage DNS Normal

You can make the necessary changes to the domains A, MX, TXT and other records as required and click the Save Changes button to confirm.

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