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Interesting Facts About Web Hosting

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A lot of people rarely take the time to learn about or even research the term associated with web hosting before signing up with a hosting provider, setting up their website and starting that blog. But it is interesting how much not learning more about the hosting company can come back to bite you or should we say your beloved blog that you spent so much time and money to set up. So what are some of the interesting things that a web host will feature that you may not look at but are very important?

The Storage; This should be the first thing you look at when selecting a web host but the interesting thing is that most website owners do not understand and either end up with too much or too little storage space. Also some companies offer unlimited storage that is not really unlimited, if you read the fine print. Always make sure you get what you are paying for.

Bandwith; this is the amount of data that your host will let you and your visitors upload and download. This is something that will be extremely important especially in regard to whether you use media such as video that take up a lot of bandwith.

How Many Domains and Sub-domains are you allowed? Chances are that when you have your website running, you may want to have another and then another and it may be nice to have all your websites with the same hosting company and some allow you to have unlimited number of domains and sub-domains.

Check out all their Features; don’t only learn about the kind of services and features that you hosting company has after you run into a few problems. Try to understand the different features that they provide you and your website and how to use them.

Do they Offer you help; chances are that you are not a tech genius so you will be forgiven to ask for technical help from your host. Do they offer extensive help with well knowledgeable staff?  Webhosting can be a confusing and complicating subject and chances are that at some point in the life of your website, you will need help for one reason or another.

Apps and Software; in this day and age a web host that doesn’t have the option of apps and software installations shouldn’t even exist but if you have one that doesn’t have all the perks that come with automatic software installations you should consider changing hosts.  Everyone who has ever installed and used WordPress will attest that.

But there are certain things that even the webhost won’t tell you. Some of these things include, the fact that the more web space you have the more the number of sub-domains you can have, or that software installations will result in the smooth functionality of your website.  Whether you believe it or not, the web host you choose has a huge impact on your website’s operation.



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