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If My Site Goes Down, Does That Affect My Rankings?

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So you take a look at your Google rankings and somehow you have slipped. It could be a number of things; like somehow your competition may have finally found a way to beat you or it could be that your site has crashed. When Google finds that a site is offline, they check regularly and while two minutes of your site being online could hurt your rankings by a small margin, a week or so of your site being down could mean a serious setback to your SEO efforts. Nobody, especially no one who has worked very hard to rank for their particular keyword against stiff competition wants to suddenly find out their hard work was all for nothing and that their top ranking on Google has dropped.

While your site going down might not be the only contributing factor to the fall in your rating, it is one that you may not foresee and although there are certain precautions that you can take to ensure that this doesn’t happen, most website operators are not aware of them and only find out after getting the ranking-drop shock or one day when they visit their website only to find that it is no longer there. Your site being temporarily or permanently down could be caused by a number of things; your website could have been visited by a hacker who could mess around with so many things that your website goes down. Hackers are especially a nuisance since they can take control of your site and lock you out but hacker attacks rarely happen to small company websites, so you may be safe.

The other reason that your website could go down and this is the one that you may have a lot of control over, is hosting issues, your web host can encounter a number of problems that can cause your site to be temporarily down and you should never completely rely on them to provide security for your site. If your site goes down, you should notify your web hosting company immediately to establish where the problem is.

Also a sit can temporarily go down if the servers crash due to huge amount of traffic and if this happens to you, you may want to talk to your host about the possibility of increasing your bandwith. You must also make sure that such issues as failure to pay for monthly hosting services doesn’t result in your site being suspended. You should preferably take a yearly subscription as opposed to the monthly one or make sure that you have an automatic renewal plan.

Your site going down can be detrimental to your Google rankings and ratings something that you have undoubtedly worked very hard to accomplish. This is because once Google finds that a site has been down for a while, they will check back a few times and if this is not corrected it will result in a drop in your rankings. Take precaution to ensure that Google will not penalize your site for being down.



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