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How to scan your cPanel account for Virus and Malware Files

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This article explains how you can do a Virus Scan of your entire cPanel account using the inbuilt Virus Scanning option with screenshots of the Paper Lantern Theme.

1. Login to cPanel with your cPanel username and password.

cPanel Login

2. Select the Virus Scanner option in the Advanced section



3. On the page that opens, select which part of your account you want to scan.

cPanel   Virus Scanner

You can scan:

  • the mail folder (/username/mail/)
  • the Entire Home Directory (The entire hosting account)
  • the Entire Public Webspace (the public_html folder)
  • the Entire Public FTP space (the public_ftp folder)

4. The Virus scanner will start scanning the location you have selected.

cPanel Virus Scanner by ClamAV


You will be able to see the Number of Files scanned and the Total Files in the Directory. You will also be able to see the amount of space scanned and space left to scan.

The full path of the file being currently scanned will also be displayed at the top.

If a Virus or Malware is detected, it will list the infected file in the Infected Files box.

5. If a Virus or Malware is detected, on the next page it will list the details of the infection and steps which you can take to cleanup the problem.

cPanel   Virus Scanner2


After you select what action is to be taken on the infected files, you can click on the Process Cleanup button.

6. When the cleanup is complete, based on the actions that you selected, you will see the message as below.

cPanel   Virus Scanner3

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