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How to delete emails through FileZilla FTP client

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This article explains how you can delete email through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) so that you can clear up your account storage space. This is especially helpful when you do not have access to the individual email account and need to remove emails quickly.

Note: Deleting the emails in this way needs to be done carefully. Deleting the wrong files or folders in the file manager can cause your account to get corrupt or malfunction.

Before we start:

1. Connect through FileZilla FTP Client using the steps below.

  1. Open FileZilla
  2. In the Host: field type in
    or type in
  3. In the Username field type in the full cPanel UsernameSFTP through FileZilla
  4. In the Password field type in the cPanel Password.
  5. In the Port field type in 22 (or leave blank if you have typed sftp:// in the domain name above)
  6. Click on the Connect button
  7. You should now see the welcome message and be connected through SFTP.


2. In the folder list that comes up, you will need to go to the mail folder and select your domain name and then select the folder with the username of the email account. Eg: For accessing the [email protected], first double click on the business.com folder and then double click on the sales folder.

The path in the Remote site box should read: /mail/domainname.com/emailid

Eg: /mail/business.com/sales

Delete Mails from FTP

6. When you click on the folder with the emailid, you will see a list of sub folders as below. Select whichever folder you wish to delete the mails from. DO NOT DELETE THE FOLDERS. ONLY THE FILES INSIDE THEM.

7. Each mail that is received, will be visible as a file. To delete the mails, you must select them and press the Delete button on your keyboard. To select multiple separate mails, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the ones you want to select.

You cannot see the contents of the mails. However, you can identify them based on size and date received.

Mail Deletion from FTP

The mails are permanently deleted and do not go to any Trash Folder. Be careful when deleting files.

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