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How New TLDS Will Change the World of the Internet

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How to choose the best web hosting companyIn  International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body that governs the registration of domains announced the decision to allow businesses around the world to register their own top level domains. The new domains will be operational by the end of the last quarter in 2013 and are expected to change the Internet or at least the internet experience tremendously.  The new top level domain system will allow big business to register their own top level domains, such that instead of a .com, a big news corporation like CNN would have .CNN domain. There can also be geographical domains such as .NEWYORK or .CALIFORNIA which would come in handy especially when a city has an upcoming global event like say the world cup or the Olympics.  We should expect that we may see .RIO domain up soon.

Apart from giving a business its own unique identity and an independence never before witnessed in the internet world, the domains will make it easier for customers to recognize top level brands that will all most certainly get in on the new Tld’s action. And because a lot of people have previously had a lot of problems with the authenticity of goods they buy online thanks to all the scammers, counterfeiters and fraudsters around. This means that a lot more people will have confidence in ecommerce and hence more and more businesses going online.

Marketing online is a lot easier than the offline kind because your target audience all tend to congregate in one location, if for instance you advertise on Facebook then it is easier to pinpoint your target market because they tend to follow and like the same pages and groups. With recognizable brands adopting the new Tld’s and more and more people beginning to warm up to ecommerce, business will focus most if not all of their marketing online which is easier and in most instances cheaper. In that way, the new Tld’s will help bring down the cost of doing business.

Many SEO experts expect that the new Tld’s may affect the way Search Engine Optimization and marketing and although it is too early to tell how these new Tld’s may affect SEO it is safe for online businesses to keep an eye out for the latest developments so as not to be caught unaware.

Another cool thing that is expected to happen with the launch of the new Tld’s is that web addresses will now have non-Roman numerals and so can have web addresses in foreign languages such as Chinese or Japanese something that was previously not possible.

It is however no time to panic or celebrate yet (depending on the kind of information you have got) it is still too early to see a lot of impact if any because the process to have the new top level domains is still ongoing and it will be a while before the general public can be allowed to register for the domains.

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