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How much hosting space will you need for your website and email accounts? (Give Examples)

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How much hosting space will you need for your website and email accountsWeb or hosting space is the complete amount of megabytes or gigabytes that a hosting company offers you with your plans of hosting. You might already have an idea that, this space is utilized to keep the images and HTML that is showed on websites when your website is viewed. However; what many people do not know is that, the amount of hosting space you have also consists of the log files of your website, PHP files, FrontPage, CGI programs, Java script files, as well as external connected CSS and mostly some emails, and email accounts.

The hosting space for your website is always listed in gigabytes as well as megabytes. Megabytes (mb) are approximate to 1,000,000 bytes (1 million bytes) and gigabytes (GB) which is approximately 1,000,000,000 (1 trillion bytes). Although it will normally be very great to have 1 megabyte because it sounds like enough space, it can be very small after you add up all the sizes of the files, apps and information you save on your website. This is why it is important for online businesses to always have the very best space so that, you do not end up suffering when your website storage becomes more.

For a small business for example, you will be better off with 1,000 megabytes at least especially if you are running on a low budget. However; megabytes for a medium scale business will be better around 1,000,000 megabytes. This way, it can have the best usage time. Most times, there are some companies or businesses who want to host more than a single site on their hosting plans. If you have such an aim in mind, you will need to have gigabytes of website space or storage to achieve that successfully.

The good thing though is that, hosting space is not so expensive and many website hosting providers that provide plans that have many gigabytes of hosting space.

  • If you are hosting a simple site, you will not need to have more than 50 megabytes of hosting space which is when speaking in real terms.
  • The hosting space you need will have to go up if you need or will be hosting a bigger website.

Before you decide to buy a hosting plan, you need to calculate your website space requirements. This can be done when you locate your site files on your hard drive and obtain a space on complete space made use of. You can easily check on your computer.

All web spaces have a specific way of being used. The weight or space each process carries however will differ based on the size of company that is being dealt with here.


  1. FrontPage extensions. These mostly have to do with the developing of software from Microsoft that lets assemble and keep all of your web pages through a graphic border.
  2. Log files. They are mostly a list of every request that is made to the website server of your hosting company.

There are so many other spaces and they will tell which ones you will need.

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