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How A WordPress Website Can Help Automate Your Online Business

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WordPress is a versatile Content Management System which can help you to manage your website and blog. It allows you to automate most tasks and leave the work to WordPress. This is ideal for small business owners who cannot afford to hire a separate person to manage the website or to keep it updated.

Create Posts or Pages

Plugins like Wp-O-Matic make you lazier by creating new posts or pages on the basis of an RSS feed, which is converted to an article automatically. No need to break you head over writing fresh content for your website. These plugins will pull the content and formulate an article from the feeds. You can automatically switch certain keywords in the articles, with other pre-defined words, so that your article cannot be called an exact copy. You can also replace any hyperlinks, with predefined hyperlinks for which you can set rules for determination.


Some WordPress plugins allow you to setup automated backup systems for your website, without you having to intervene in the process. You can simply inform the system when, where and which folders you want to backup. You can also set the type of backup, so that only new changes are backed up and old content is not re-backed up.

Virtual Assistant

Automatic chatting is another place where you can automate your website tasks. WordPress plugins now offer the ability to intelligently pickup keywords from the text chat done by your website visitors and formulate a pre defined response for the visitor. Questions for which there is no answer in the database or no similar possible answer, the chat assistant will ask the visitor to email their query to the support team.

Tagging Suggestions

Adding tags to a post or page is important to help search engines classify your content and for visitors to browse through your content more easily. Plugins like Neugs reads the entire body of your post or page and then intelligently suggests tags that maybe suitable for them. This eliminates the headache of trying to fish out the key words which form parts of the main content in the articles. Another plugin searches the title of the page or post for the tags and automatically pulls the non-trivial keywords from the title.

WordPress offers small business owners a variety of plugins which will not only help automate their website or blog but also automate routines business tasks like billing and support. Businesses which smartly use such systems will be able to cope with the competition and stay ahead of the others in future.

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