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Hosting Xtreme vs. GoDaddy

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In today’s economy it’s vital that every business however small or big makes the most of all the opportunities they have if they want to have a chance to survive and thrive. For this reason it’s vital for you and your company to have some sort of an internet presence and for this reason you would want a website. You may also want to have a website for your personal use and not for business purposes. If you are someone who is looking to set up their first website then picking the right web host can be an issue. Xtreme Hosting is new web hosting company located in Ohio, USA. The company aims to provide you with a reliable service at a reasonable price. GoDaddy is one of the most popular and well renowned web hosting companies out there and we will look at the two in greater detail in the following text.

To start off we will look at Hosting Xtreme. Hosting Extreme provides a wide array of packages from which you can choose from. This allows you a great deal of flexibility in determining which package is right for you and these packages start for as low as $1.50 per month. Furthermore, Hosting Xtreme is particularly focused on shared hosting. You might consider this as a big drawback but to be honest the vast majority of people use precisely this type of hosting. The packages are very well formulated and drafted and for a nominal price of $3.96 per month you can get lots of features such as unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited Email accounts, etc. Hosting Xtreme guarantees maximum uptime (99.99%) and ensures that your website is always working efficiently. Furthermore Xtreme Hosting makes an adamant effort at securing your website as well as all of the information of you and your customers. With your purchase you also get a wide range of soft wares or plugins that are included with your website such as Word Press and Open Cart. Lastly, Hosting Xtreme also provides you a chance to make money as a reseller!

Now we will look at GoDaddy in more detail. GoDaddy is one of the top dogs when it comes to web hosting and they have a wide variety of products and services that they have to offer. In fact the services they offer are probably far greater in number compared to all other web hosting companies. Such an approach isn’t always good as we see is the case with GoDaddy who have some great services and many mediocre ones. The security measures of GoDaddy are some of the best available and this is a big plus for big online businesses. Furthermore they also offer other alternatives to shared web hosting such as dedicated servers. This is particularly helpful if you are looking to create a high traffic website.

As a final verdict for the vast majority of the people out there, Hosting Xtreme will adequately meet their requirements. If you have any more questions please visit www.hostingxtreme.com.

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