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Hosting Xtreme vs. BlueHost

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Hosting Xtreme vs Bluehosting



Having your own website is extremely important; even more so if you are an owner of a small enterprise or a big business. Web hosting and web hosting companies can help you realize this goal of yours to set up a business website. There are endless possibilities waiting for you and your enterprise over the internet. Creating a business website helps create a degree of internet presence which helps existing customers and helps attract new customers. Web hosting companies can offer a wide variety of services such as shared hosting, managed hosting, and dedicated hosting. Hosting Xtreme is a new and upcoming web hosting company whose goal is to provide its customers top class service at a good price. BlueHost is one of the most renowned web hosting companies in the world. In the preceding text we will look a closer look at Hosting Xtreme and BlueHost!

Hosting Xtreme has lot of different plans which start as cheap as $1.50. The wide variety in plans helps the customer make an appropriate decision regarding what he needs precisely. This ensures great flexibility since the customer knows that he isn’t playing for anything unnecessary and only what he needs! The two companies in question are largely similar in nature. Both the companies specialize in shared hosting. This might seem like a set back and you might ask for more options, but I promise you over ninety five percent of the people use shared hosting. The other major type of hosting that is not provided by either of these two companies is dedicated hosting which allows the customer to build a more complex website which gets thousands of visitors each day. At a nominal price of $3.69 Hosting Extreme offers unlimited hosting space, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth. Similar plans are also available through BlueHost however the prices of BlueHost are marginally higher. A similar BlueHost plan described about may cost around $6-7. Both these web hosts make a big effort to ensure the security of your websites as well as all the information that is stored within your websites. Furthermore, Hosting Xtreme and BlueHost provide maximum uptime which ensures that your website is always up and running and that the customers don’t have to wait on slow loading pages. Both companies also allow you to resell domains to make some money.

When we talk about Hosting Xtreme and BlueHost it’s important to note that there isn’t much separating the two in terms of the services they provide. BlueHost is vastly experienced but Hosting Xtreme is comparatively cheaper. If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions please contact us at: www.hostingxtreme.com.

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