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Google Tools That Every Website Owner Can Benefit From

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Google Tools That Every Website Owner Can Benefit From

Google Tools That Every Website Owner Can Benefit From

Google is a word synonymous with the internet. It is almost as if you cannot start your internet journey without Google. Being out of sync with the trends from Google will prevent you in being successful online. This article discusses a few free tools which you can use to help Google better understand your business and website.

Google Webmaster Tools

This tool is a must for every webmaster, as it tells you Google’s perspective of your website and website visitors. Webmaster Tools is like a communication portal where you can customize and tweak certain aspects of your site, so that Google can understand it better. The Search Engine’s aim is to serve up relevant results to its viewers and searchers. This means that it must understand what every site has to offer and try and link it up to what the users need. GWT allows you to set certain important information for your website, so that the relevant aspects of it are highlighted in Google Searches. One of the options that you can set in GWT is what is the target country for your website. Selecting a specific country will prioritize your website in searches from that country, also taking into account the preferences of the person searching. You can also indicate old and broken links and direct Google to new pages which have replaced them. This tool also allows you to update your sitemap on Google, allowing you to know when it was updated and how many links Google has indexed from it.

Local Business Listing

Google offers a Local business listing for your website which will allow you to put in all the important details of your business, so that when someone searches for your business or a place in your locality, Google will also show them your business. When someone searches for your locality in Google Maps, all the local businesses in that area, including yours will show up. Additionally, when someone searches your exact business name or address in Google, on the side a map and details of your business will appear, if you have set them in the local business listing. Google allows you to put in information like your shop or office timings, what payment methods you accept and also the facilities that you offer.

Google Ads

Whether you want to host ads on your website or you want to place ads on other people’s websites, Google’s Ad products will help your business. The Google Adsense product will allow you to earn revenue from your website, by allowing Google to place ads on your blog or website. These third party ads will allow you to earn money per click or everytime the ad is displayed to your visitors. You can do the same by subscribing to Google’s Adwords service, which allows you to place your ads on several related or relevant websites, without involving yourself in the intricacies of negotiating a deal or handling payments.

Google Analytics

Another highly recommended tool for every professional website is Google Analytics. Like the name suggests, it provides in depth website metrics which will allow you to determine how traffic is being channelized to your website, what is the feedback of your visitors, what are the popular sections of your website and how visitors are browsing your website pages. For a small or medium website it may not be very critical to track these features, but an ecommerce website has to have an in depth view of how and where the visitors are being drawn to their content. Analytics can provide a direct revenue increase in the amount of sales that a website is successfully able to churn from its shopping flow.

Google Alerts

Another useful tool provided by Google is the Alerts feature. Google Alerts will allow you to setup an alert for specific trigger keywords or key phrases which will allow you to monitor websites which are indexed by Google. Upon coming across those words or phrases, Google will send you an email and notify you of those search results. This tool can be especially useful for online reputation or brand management.

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