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Features Which Your Web Host Must Provide

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dream into realityOne of the best ways for businesses and even individuals to get their products and ideas into the public eye is to start their own website. Having a website lets people be heard, putting their thoughts and ideas out through a medium with one of the largest audiences known to man. Small businesses can reach a wider customer base than they would have been unable to otherwise. Setting up a website can be a lot more complicated than most people think.

Easy to set up options are available, such as Google sites and blogger, though you do not get very many options and features, and as such they may not meet the needs of your small business. However, there are many web-hosting companies that allow businesses as well as the average person to launch a professional site with many features, options and even the possibility of expansion.

Here are 5 features that are essential to have from your web host:

1. The ability to customize your templates

This may not be the most important option, but it is quite essential to creating a customized, professional look. In order to set your site apart from the competition your site needs to look as good as possible, and unique as well. Customizing premade templates makes this process much easier. Having a site that looks and works differently than other sites is extremely important. It is crucial to have a proper layout for your site, and any web-host that doesn’t make this possible or easy is not worth the money.


 2. You need a strong and reliable web server

All of the web-hosting companies offer various types of web servers to get your site up, running and into the public eye. The most popular and reliable web server is Apache. It is a top notch web server that the majority of good web-hosting companies use. Not only is it preferred because of its huge range of customization options, but also because it is one of the most flexible, intuitive, and stable.


3. The ability to host multiple domains

A good web host, offering the Apache web server should also allow you to use multiple domains. Apache has the ability to handle multiple domains built right in. Any good web host will happily offer this as a feature, in one solid plan, as well. Requiring different plans for each new site or domain will be costly, and is not in the favor of the owner of the websites.


4. Security is important

While it is quite probable that this feature would seem  more important to businesses rather than individuals just wanting a website to put their opinions or interests on, it is in fact one of the most important features, and should be provided by all good web-hosts. Security certificates, secure financial transactions and protection against unauthorized access will protect your site from those looking to intercept transactions, and will allow your customers and site visitors to view and use your site with a sense of security, knowing that their information is safe.


5. Technical support is important too

When things go wrong, having a web-hosting company that is willing to provide you with technical support is key. Things are bound to go wrong at some point in time. If you don’t want to be on your own to figure out how to fix these issues or have an expensive team of professional technicians available to do it for you, you will want to choose a web-hosting company that offers technical support. A good web-host will offer 24/7 technical support across various methods, such as phone, email and live chat.


Just performing one super quick search for web-hosting companies will show you just have many options there are. Many companies offer the service, and while it may seem good to have such a variety, not all of these companies are worth the time and money spent. Don’t be lured in by promises of super low prices and unlimited bandwidth and storage, as this doesn’t mean you are getting the actual essentials that you need to run a good website.

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