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Factors You Need To Consider While Purchasing Web Hosting Services

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Web hosting can be very important for your website and your business. Your web hosting provider could be either amazingly great or really bad. Factors that you need to consider while selecting a web hosting provider are,

1. The quality of service.
The quality of service is very important. You don’t want to have to wait for days on end to have someone reset the password on your account, when you forget it. You want someone to reply ASAP. Do some research in to what users are blogging/commenting about their providers. If you go a simple google search on ‘godaddy reviews’ you will find several users of godaddy who have written bad things about them. Whoishostingthis.com is a popular website that provides reviews of popular webhosting providers and this gives potential new customers good insight in to what they can expect. Godaddy for example has an overall ranking of 3 out of 5. You should also read some of the individual reviews, which will provide you valuable insight in to the workings, attitude of the web hosting company towards their clients.

2. The downtime.
The downtime is another important factor in determining whether a web hosting provider is good. For example, godaddy has some downtime. It can be viewed at an independent website, such as besthostratings.com shows the uptime of Godaddy. The uptime will give you an approximation of the amount of time you can expect your website to be down. This is extremely crucial, because every minute that your website is down means a loss of business, a loss of confidence and a general loss of revenue if you are selling things online. You should try to find a web hosting company that has very minimal downtime. HostingXtreme has reported an uptime of 100% – ie. no downtime for the last 90 days.

3. Latency.
To check the latency, simply follow the following steps. 1. Click on the start button, and type in the text cmd in the Search field. 2. You will now see a prompt, type ping followed by the name of your hosting providers domain name, so, if you want to check the latency of hostingxtreme.com you would type ping hostingxtreme.com and hit Enter You will see a number in milliseconds that represents the time taken for a packet of 8 bits to come back from the server of your hosting provider. Essentially, the lower this number the better it is for you. You need to do this test from the approximate location of your target audience. So, for example if your target audience is the U.S. you need to check the latency of your website from the US – so that you know how much time it takes for your website to load, in the US, ie. where your target audience will be loading it from. This will give you a good idea as to whether a certain hosting provider would provide your users with a good user experience.

4. Reputation.
Most hosting companies charge you money upfront for a period of time. For example, if you pay $7 a month for 12 months, you should have some sort of understanding if the hosting company will be in existence for 12 months. You should also check the credibility of the hosting company, this is important if you pay for multiple years. There have been some instances of web hosting companies offering sweet deals and then disappearing. This would be a very unfortunate outcome, but it has happened due to the competition in the industry. Some companies get carried away with the competition and offer extremely low pricing if you pay for 5 or 7 years. Then collect money from hundreds of clients and disappear.

In short, do some research before you undertake to pay a web hosting company. Don’t fall prey to flashy advertisements and fancy videos.

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