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Does Your Auto-Installer Software Improve Your WordPress Experience? Softaculous, Fantastico and more

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Till recently, WordPress had to be manually installed if you planned to run a self-hosted WordPress website. You had to download the files from WordPress.org, upload them to your hosting account, unzip them and then run the php file to install it along with the database. Prior to the inbuilt php installer file, even the database had to be manually created and configuration information added to the config file in WordPress. All this is pretty much history, in fact all these steps are done instantly using an Auto-Installer Software. These software also have many other features, which make your entire WordPress experience a pleasure. While it is not mandatory to have an Auto-Installer to manage WordPress,it becomes safer, secure and more convenient when using an Auto-Installer to perform various tasks. This article explains some of the other reasons why Auto-Installers are recommended by us, if you are looking at setting up a WordPress website.


Auto-installers not only allow you to install scripts like WordPress, they also allow you to manage your website and help you back it up as well. The backups are stored in the home directory of your account and you can download them to your local computer at a later time. The auto-installers only create a backup of the software and not of your entire hosting account. Hence, only your WordPress files will be backed up. This is ideal when you are making changes or major modifications to your website files and want a copy of the files to keep in case your changes are broken. The ability to create these backups comes along with the power to restore them in case of lost or damaged files. The restore process allows you to use the backups that you have created in the past and restore the website to its exact state as on the date of the backup.


You can setup the auto-installer to notify you of any available updates or you can set it to upgrade WordPress automatically. As soon as a new version is available, the software will send out an email alert to you. You can also set it up to run a cron job to take a backup and process the upgrade automatically without your intervention, but in case of lack of space, the upgrade might not work out.

Software Information

Auto-Installers also provide you with handy information for each installed application. They list out the details like: Installation Directory, Live URL, Database Name, Database Username, Database Password, Database hostname, Software version installed, Installation time etc. This allows you to work with multiple installations of different software in the same hosting account. It prevents confusion and allows you to see the details in a single screen in a GUI, rather than searching the config file for details. You can use it to give the details to your developer or support teams.

Frequent Updates

The main advantage of an auto-installer is the frequency of updates and the ability to notify you when an update becomes available. This allows you to update WordPress to the latest stable version and also to implement quick fixes or patch vulnerabilities which may be a threat to the security of your website.

Setting up WordPress is easy – it becomes easier when you have an Auto-Installer in your arsenal. You can choose from many different Auto-Installers for your Control Panel, but we recommend Softaculous, Installatron and Fantastico.

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