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Do You Need An In-House Software Team For Your WordPress Website?

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WordPress has always been the forte of Web Designers who want to provide a basic website with a quick turn around time for setup and updates. What bothers most people is whether WordPress requires a full-time programmer or a software development team to keep it up and running. Most website owners setup their website with great enthusiasm, but when it comes to maintaining and updating it, they are in a bit of a quandary. The truth is that WordPress is easy to maintain and manage. Even daily updates and minor corrections can be done easily.

Even the CEO can update the website

Yes. WordPress is pretty simple. Any staff member or employee who knows how to send an email, can update the WordPress website with ease. Most businesses don’t need to update their website very often and they often forget the instructions to update it. WordPress does not require any HTML or coding skills. You can simply insert your text in a WYSIWYG editor and in one-click, make the changes to the website.

No need for a software team

Not only does WordPress need any software to be installed on your local machine (besides an internet browser) you don’t even need to have a software team to take care of the maintenance. Updating WordPress is so simple that any employee can be trained in minutes on how to update your website. For a small business or home office it might be a big saving in terms of space, money and resources. You don’t need to outsource WordPress updation or maintenance to a web designer or developer.

You are not locked in

WordPress is an open source software, which is well known and quite popular. Even if your web designer goes bust or disappears on a long vacation, you are sure to be able to get professional help and assistance at any time. There are numerous website which offer WordPress maintenance and updation services, which start from a couple of dollars. They even provide routine maintenance services for updating plugins and themes.

No software licenses

You don’t need any developer licenses or special software to view or update your website. Software like Dreamweaver were beyond the reach of small businesses, due to their prohibitive license costs. All that is history with WordPress. WordPress is one of the best examples of open source software distributed under the GNU / GPL License.

Instant Updation

Your web designers and software programmers cannot procrastinate updating your website. They don’t have an excuse to be lazy or charge more money for doing elaborate tasks. WordPress simplifies everyone’s work and allows you to focus more on your business and less on the technicalities of updation.

Setup your own WordPress website instantly. Most web hosts provide an easy auto-installer to backup, install, upgrade and migrate your WordPress website.


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