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How to Create a Folder and Set Permissions in cPanel File Manager

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You may often want to create a folder or sub folder for your website files or may want to create an upload folder for images or media. This article explains how you can create a folder in cPanel File Manager and set the permissions of the folder so that your web application can upload images to it.

Creating a New Folder in cPanel

1. Login to cPanel by going to https://yourdomain.com/cpanel. For more details see our article on Logging into cPanel.

cPanel Login

2. Go to the File Manager in cPanel

cPanel File Manager


cPanel Main2

3. When you are in the File Manager, you will need to navigate to the public_html folder which contains all the files which are displayed on your website.


4. Once you are in the public_html folder, you can navigate to the folder within which you want to create a new folder / directory. In our example we are creating a folder called uploads in the path /public_html/wp-content/ so that we can upload images from our WordPress control panel. When you are in that folder (and can see the folder’s contents on the right, click on the New Folder button on the top menu.

new folder


5. You will be asked to provide a folder name. Give a folder name and press the Create a New Folder button.


folder name


Changing Folder / Directory Permissions in cPanel

Note: Changing permissions of directories in your public_html folder can expose your files to the public. If you are not sure about what you are doing, do NOT make any permission changes. Folders with excessive permissions or improper permissions may leave your website open to external attacks or compromise.

1. Once you have created the folder as given above, select the folder for which you want to change the permissions. Then click the Change Permissions button on the top.



2. You will be asked to tick the appropriate boxes to change the permissions. If you select all the boxes, you will set the folder permissions to 777. Once you have set the permissions click on the Change Permissions button.



3. Your folder permission has now been set, you can see the permission in the file manager, on the right side of the corresponding folder name.


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