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Block an email address using Email Filtering in cPanel Webmail

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Are you being harassed by a specific email sender? Do you want to stop receiving mail from an email address? Do you want to filter all mails from a particular sender to the Trash Folder?

This article explains how you can block a certain email sender from sending you mail. You can filter messages and apply certain automated actions to them by using the Email Filtering option in cPanel webmail.

1. Login to your webmail, using the URL https://your_domain_name.com/webmail

You need to login with your FULL email address and email password.

Webmail Login


2. In the page that comes up, select the Email Filtering option.

cPanel Webmail Email Filtering


3. On the next page, click on the Create a New Filter button.

cPanel X   Webmail Main24. In the New Filter details, fill in the boxes as follows:

  • Rule Name: Give any name that you want to identify the annoying email address Eg: Stalker 1 or Annoying
  • In the Rules, select From >> Equals >> (Type in the annoying) full email @ddress 
  • Under Actions select Discard Message
  • Click on the Create button to create the new Rule.

cPanel Create a New Filter


Instead of Discarding the Message, you can also send it to a folder in your webmail or bounce the email with a specific message (not recommended)


You should see the message indicating that your New Filter was saved

cPanel X   Create a New Filter2


5. Your new filter will be visible in the Email Filtering section of Webmail (see above)

cPanel X   Edit Filters

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