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6 Questions Asked by First Time Website Owners

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There’s always a first time. Even when buying web hosting to setup your website. Not everyone is tech savvy, but we all like to satisfy our curiosity about the new toy we are going to buy. If you were born before the 80’s you are most likely to ask questions which will make your web host chuckle at your innocence. This article lists some questions which a web host often has to answer when dealing with a new client who has never bought a hosting account. All these are intelligent questions which may appear silly to some.

6 Questions Asked by First Time Website Owners

6 Questions Asked by First Time Website Owners

1. Will I be able to use Linux Hosting if I have a Windows computer at home?

This is a very common question which we get to hear from people born before the 80’s. Those who are Microsoft Windows fans are often skeptical about using Linux Hosting for their website, because they relate the incompatibilities of Linux with the Windows OS. However, the only major difference in operations is that Linux cannot run ASP which Windows hosting can do. Besides this Linux servers are more stable and less prone to damage or security risks.

2. Will my email be secret on my web hosting server?

Customers are always worried about privacy and security of their data. As we always like to answer this question with- All web hosts have the ability to see anything on their server. Whether it is Amazon, Google, Yahoo or anyone else. The only differentiating factor is which one is a lesser evil as far as you are concerned and whom you trust the most. You may also consider who is most accountable to you and whose processes are most transparent. Besides this, the information overflow on the server keeps your data as secure as a needle in a haystack.

3. Can I install my own pirated version of Windows in my hosting account?

We don’t always feel like answering this one, because the answer is pretty obvious. if you still haven’t got it, the answer is No. You cannot install your own version of any software on shared hosting. neither can you install your own operating system on a VPS and you can most definitely not install a pirated version of Windows even if you have a dedicated server. No host will endorse it and in some cases may take action against you.

4. Do I need to provide my passport copy when booking a web hosting account?

You don’t need to provide any identification proof when purchasing an account. it is assumed that when you pay by PayPal or Credit Card, you are a genuine party and your bank has done the necessary verification before issuing a Payment facility to you.

5. Can I turn off my website in the night?

The whole point of buying hosting space from a third party vendor is so that you can keep your website live 24 x 7 and without having to keep your home computer on throughout. While you can turn off your website or block access to it every night, it would be better not having those facilities or not having a website at all. Some banks and utility services suspend their services in the night, to accommodate maintenance activities, however, if it is done on a daily basis, it may be frustrating for your users who are expecting a 24 hour service.

6. Can I automatically find out the contact details of the persons visiting my website?

If you want the details from your visitors, why not ask for them directly. You can get a lot of statistics on visitors and their visit behavior, but if you are expecting to know how your visitor looks and where he lives, you maybe a bit disappointed. The closest you can get to knowing more about your visitor is his IP address. Based on the IP Address you can identify the area where he lives. If you want more details, you would need to ask for them or surreptitiously gather that information.

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