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5 useful online business tools

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Staying in touch with your website visitors, encourages them to return to your website and know more about you. If not generate sales, it will definitely increase your brand value and enhance your organisations image.

We have selected a list of 5 simple tools that you can install in your hosting account. The best part is that they are all FREE!

Heres what you can do to ensure repeat orders and brand recall:

  1. Surveys and Opinion Polls
    The results of taking a quick survey or just asking for a frank opinion still remain an important way of taking feedback from your clients or website visitors. The aim should be to keep it short and sweet and not bog the user down with too many questions.
    Cool App: Lime Survey
  2. Guest Book
    For a site with niche products or targeting premium customers, a guest book adds a personal touch. It allows you to gracefully know the thoughts of your clients and guage how strongly they feel about your product or service.
    Cool App: Advanced Guestbook
  3. RSS Feeds
    RSS = Really Simple Syndication is a way of keeping in touch with your website visitors, clients, stakeholders and even employees by letting them know when your website is updated. It is popularly used in conjunction with a Content Management System, which will send a short summary and Title of the update, to subscribers of your RSS Feeds.
  4. Q & A Board
    Sometimes, your website maybe a primary source of documentation of your product(s) or service(s). Having an area of your website, which deals with user questions, can help you reduce support costs of answering phone calls or responding to emails.
    Cool App: Question2Answer
  5. Resource Booking Tool
    This online app allows you to accept bookings for any resources, rooms, tables, conference rooms, work terminals or desks online.
    If your office has conference rooms, this tool is ideal for your employees to book slots online. You can also manage bookings for your building’s pool table or badminton court.
    Cool App: PHPScheduleit

What’s better is that all these apps and many many more like them can be installed in your hosting account in a Single-Click.

You don’t need to download, upload or unzip any files.

Just login to cPanel, click on the Softaculous icon and select an app which you like. Once you decide to install it, simply put in some basic configuration details and you are good to go!

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