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10 ways to prevent spam mails from reaching you

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3 10 ways of prevent spam mails from reaching youSpam is referred to as unwelcomed emails that are sent out in huge quantities or amounts. There are so many people who find spam to be very annoying with only a few considering spam to be very dangerous. The truth about spam is that, it is both dangerous and very annoying. There are so many ways by which people are cajoled into online fraud well; spam is one of the leading ways. This type of fraud is known as phishing fraud. This takes plan when scammers send emails in pretense to be sending them from your financial institution, bank, eBay, credit card Company, and others.

Below are some 10 ways to prevent spam emails from reaching you;

  1. Delete all spam mails as soon as they get to your account

When you do not delete spam mails, spammers find it to be the best and they send more with the thought that, you will one day read their mails and reply. So, when you delete these emails, you will have nothing to worry about.

  1. Never open up to read spam emails

When you open a spam email, the spammers who sent it have a way to find out that you opened it. So, they make sure they keep on sending you more and more spam mails. Do not bother opening the emails they send and they will know you are someone they cannot count on as a fool to fall into their trap.

  1. Never reply to spam emails

Just imagine what simply reading emails can do to you and now what you get when you reply emails. There are quite a number of people who are unable to prevent spam mails because; they invite these mails themselves. Stop opening and reading as well as replying spam mails and you will be free.

  1. Never click any texts in spam emails especially those you have no idea about

There are times when people get curious and try to click links in the spam emails after they have made the first mistake of opening them. Condoning such emails and clicking texts will mean to them you agree and appreciate this spam so more and more will come.

  1. Never stay on opened email for long then delete

If for some reason you felt the need to open a spam mail especially because you were expecting an email from someone, make sure you close and delete email exactly when you have opened and found out its content.

  1. Never click on pictures in spam mails you never asked for  or from unknown sources
  2. Never sign up for so called free offers that come with most spam emails
  3. Make sure you only join online discussion groups, chat rooms and forums that have the best privacy policy.
  4. Make sure you check the spam email subject title and the email address and you will know if it is something you have an idea about.
  5. Do not bother going to click on remove me even if emails tell you to

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