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Who owns and controls the internet?

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5 Ways to Make a Quick WebsiteThis question regarding who owns and controls the internet is very fascinating and mostly mind boggling. We all think about this when we surf the internet and find out how wonderful and amazing it is. Just imagine entering a room filled with people from all parts of the world and with everyone speaking their native languages. Well, this might be very difficult to analyze at first start. However; when you relax and think about it more, you will need to come up with some sets of rules and expressions to communicate with these people in a way they will all understand perfectly. This is what makes the internet an amazing and remarkable creation. The internet allows different computer networks from different countries to talk with each other with specific rules that have been set up.

If you are thinking about the scope of the internet, it will be best if you stopped and realized you just can’t figure it out. The scope of the internet is a bringing together of inter-networked computer servers that goes all over the world and all these are enabled by some regulations known as protocols. That these protocols do is to make sure commuter communication across all networks is possible in full swing. It also leans on the large communications of routers, Network Access Points (NAPs) as well as computer servers or systems. Apart from these, this is also made possible by satellites, thousands of wireless routers as well as miles of cable that send out signals between networks and computers.

The internet is without a doubt a global system. What many people do not know is that, the internet is a huge system that is made up of quite smaller systems and even if it is one thing, can it be possible that the internet is owned by one person? Is there someone or some people that control the internet and its ways? Is there a possibility for an individual to be the owner of a system that reaches nations all over the world? Well, let’s see.

So, who truthfully owns the internet? There are 2 answers to this question; the first being nobody and the second a lot of people. The truth is that, there is no one man or woman who own or controls the internet. This is because; the internet is controlled by some of the best technological minds who work round the clock to make things happen for all of us. Even these companies and great minds that work round the clock to structure the internet and determine how it works do not have ownership over it. There is no country or government that can claim it owns the internet nor can any organization do so.

Comparing the internet to a telephone system, no one owns the whole internet. From a wide point of view, there are so many people and organizations that own the internet. The internet is a whole system because there are many different pieces and bits of it which have one owner. Internet service providers are those that work tirelessly to make the internet what it is.

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