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Which Social network plugins to add to your website

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We live in a cyber world. We’re shopping online, we find our half online, we treat any disease online, we can do anything online. But most people go online to socialize.


Which Social network plugins to add to your websiteWhat is the ideal combination of social networks and your website? Well, the first draft was considered by which you can sell products online using social networks sites. But this version has no result. All of us who use social networks to pursue something else, comment pages, follow our friends downstream activities, leave feedback about certain activities, products.

But now days, however, you can get great from help social networks and you can create more value to the products offered to you. Below are the most commonly used plugins that you can attach them to your site:


One of the most useful plugin is the share button on social sites.

More and more manufacturers use these buttons to share and easily promote their products. It’s like a boom, as more and more users share your articles more and more new clients will want to certainly use them. It’s easy to catch popularity if you provide quality products which leaves behind a positive feedback

These pugins are on any social networking site and it can be instal easily on your website. Do not abuse the service. Use them responsibly and only if it fits the character of your buyer.

As the sharing service receives greater attention you should know that there are platforms like OLAP, PIXLEE, CURALATE that helps you moderate and highlight comments which brings you in front. Basically, it is a system that centralizes everything your clients share and it choose the most successful tags. Then it displays them on your site.

Using these methods you can demonstrate that your products are addressed to common people and not only to certain categories of richer people.

Another widely used plugin is socially Sign -In

It is a very successful method because it gets rid of the difficulty of creating an account on your site. Thus, any new customer can log on your website to purchase products or leave opinions on specific items offered to you without wasting time by creating an account with username and password. It’s very simple. With plugin this the user can access your site directly from his social media account.


It is proven that the user who login on a shopping site by a social networking account spend more time on the ecommerce site than those who specifically create an account just for this site.

Among the social platforms the friendliest one with this plugin is Facebook.

Depending of your customers profile you need to decide whether or not to use this plugin. Many users are very reticent when it comes to information security on social sites. So it is recommended to try both versions before you focus only on one.

What pluginguri to use more?

Well, you can attach a plugin that occur during the checkout process. So during the buying process the user is obliged to share your products on social networks.

You can also create statistics with the mostly wanted products so they become more popular social sites.

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