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What is DNS and how the internet works

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Top 10 Questions to Ask your Web DesignerDNS is also called or known as Domain Name System. This is a very interesting system that gives way for the internet to work. What DNS does is to make sure; the alpha domain name that you put into the browser on your computer is taken and changed into the numeric internet protocol (IP) address that your computer is familiar with. This might seem like a very complex explanation however; to the internet, it works very easily. Where DNS records are concerned, the website where the registration of your domain was done is exactly where all original records of your DNS is concerned. Also, the records there give the pathway to where your site is hosted.

This is why hosting sites or companies are important. If the hosting site you are dealing with has no credibility whatsoever, you will always have issues with your website and people will not know more about what you have to offer. The hosting company is the one that gives information out to make the DNS process of your website to work well. The website where you will be hosting your site will make available to you the names of its name servers. This means, you can change the record on your domain registration website to lead to the web host name servers of your site.

DNS servers are specifically classified as both primary and secondary. If due to a particular reason the primary name server doesn’t answer, the internet browser you are using will mechanically ask for the secondary name server so as to continue with its work. When someone for instance enters https://www.hostingxtreme.com/web/blog/support/ into his or her internet browser, it immediately goes onto the internet and searches for a DNS servicer to determine the alpha name to its real IP address. Specific companies are in charge of certain web addresses. For instance; every single .COM addresses are taken care of by Network Solutions. This means, the DNS server at this company will be contacted or accessed in order to obtain the right IP address.

If the URL you entered was linked to the IP address, the IP address that returns is given and your web browser will then make use of this returned IP address to load and open the website you entered. On paper, this might look like a long process but in the internet world, this is simply easy and the best. If you try to enter only the IP address you got into the web browser, you will be taken to the website. DNS is simply amazing and one of the most fascinating systems the internet has to offer. So, if you have tried to open a website but it either cannot open or is very slow even though your internet connection is 100%, you need to be very careful.

There are millions and better still billions of IP addresses utilized on the internet which makes DNS a big, circulated database made use of to change alpha domain names into IP addresses for easy location.

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