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Web Hosting Plans and Pricing – What You Should Know About HostingXtreme

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service hostingIf you want to get the best value for your money for hosting, then hostingxtreme is the place to shop.  This is going to be able to offer you a lot and you probably will be able to get some of the very best deals here.  Let us face it, no one wants to pay out a lot of money for hosting plans and services and with hostingxtreme, there is no need to do so.

However, there are quite a few different plans on offer and all of them are good value for money.  If you were to look at the:

  • Starter pack: then you are only going to have to pay out a few dollars each month – $1.51.  This is super low and an incredible price and for this package, you are going to be able to get free set up, a free domain name and cPanel also which is amazing.  You can get unlimited sub domains as well as a 1 GB bandwidth every month with 50 MB of storage space.  This is all great news for those looking for the starter package; however, there are other packages to choose from.
  • The unlimited package:  you will be able to get a lot more for your money.  Yes, you will end up paying out $3.96 a month but this is a great price for hosting because you get free set up as well as Control Panel features and a lot more.
  • Advanced package: you will get a free set up, and unlimited storage space and bandwidth every month.  However, if you choose this package, you will also be able to get unlimited primary sub domains and MYSQL databases also.
  • The Pro Hosting package:  is really the same as the Advanced except this cost $20 a month, so it is a little more expensive.

You are however, going to be able to get great support.  You will be able to get a lot of assistance when it comes to managing the account so even a novice can get used to using the hosting plans within a short period.  They offer some of the very best managing tools and the latest time saving features offering an easy web experience.

You will find the servers are reliable.  Almost 100% of the time, the service will be uninterrupted, which is truly amazing because so few hosting services can offer that!  This does offer a great reliable system for any user and their file and storage units are the best online today.  What is more, you are going to be able to get more value for money, which is what you want of course.

You can get some of the best deals online here and you can save yourself a lot of money as well so the service offers something for everyone no matter what they are looking for.  This is great service and probably one of the better options for web hosting.

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