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Unlimited Hosting to Store and Access Your Files – Securely On The Move.

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In any business, you need some amount of data that you need to carry around with you, like presentations, spreadsheets and sensitive data. Regardless, it is always better to have your data stored on a remote location that is immune from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, strikes and fire. For example, if you have all of your sensitive data stored on a computer in the office, and there is an earthquake – where you lose the hard drive of the computer – you could potentially lose hundreds of millions of dollars worth of data. The saving grace would be if you could access your data seamlessly wherever you are, regardless of location and across operating systems.

The way to do this, is to use a hosting service that provides a web disk service. A web disk is storage space on a server that would allow you to access your information seamlessly, from multiple locations. You may upload all your information from your office, and see it on your laptop at home. You may also modify it at home, and see the changes at home.

There are a few issues with this; * Multiple users will face over riding issues when dealing with the same data at the same time. * If users are modifying the data while others are viewing it – the changes would not be observed by users viewing it – unless they refresh the file.

These issues can be dealt with by creating multiple accounts, and giving users view/edit privileges, in a coordinated manner.

The advantage of doing this, and keeping your system out of the google drive, and google docs progeny is that your information stays confidential and outside of the prying eyes of google. The constrains on this are the disk space and the amount of data transfer you can use. Various providers give you various options for disk space and data transfer for optimizing your file storage needs. The main concern is to have a third party undertake all the responsibility for undertaking the storage, because it reduces the risk of the data being lost or manipulated internally. Further, the most reputable third parties have backup systems in place to securely take back ups of information at regular intervals.

A web disk is an excellent product that provides industry grade storage solutions compatible on Windows, Linux and Mac based operating systems. The advantage of this is that it provides a platform across which users of different operating systems can communicate and share files seamlessly.

At HostingXtreme we offer Web Disk, even on our unlimited web hosting plan. The unlimited hosting plan at HostingXtreme offers a unique opportunity to users to use web disk to store their files remotely, free from file space and bandwidth limitations.

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