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Understanding the Distinction Between Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Hosting

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If you are looking for an ideal web hosting solution to host your first ever website, you have probably come across a number of buzz-words such as VPS, reseller, collocation, dedicated and shared hosting and wondered what they actually mean. Well, these are forms of web hosting solutions that enable different types of users to host their websites. There are various distinctions between these very popular forms of web hosting. The following are some aspects about each one of them: –

Shared Web Hosting

This is the standard web hosting solution provided for individuals and small businesses with simple and low-traffic websites. This form of hosting is the most popular, the cheapest and the easiest to manage. With shared hosting, a user’s website is hosted along with a number of other websites. All these websites get to share resources such as hard disk space, RAM, processor etc. A perfect example of how shared web hosting works can be depicted with living in an apartment complex. All the residents living in this apartment complex are situated in the same location, and have to share the available resources such as the swimming pool, play ground and the parking lot etc. Shared hosting allows all account holders to share the available resources on the server, such as the disc space, CPU time and memory.

Reseller Web Hosting

This is a form of web hosting that allows an account holder to rent out the amount of bandwidth and disk space that has been allocated to him. It’s a solution that works well for web hosting companies and other web hosting geeks who run more sophisticated well-based applications. Reseller web hosting can be compared to a business-minded person who leases land and then subdivides it into a number of portions and rents them to other interested persons with an aim of making profit. In reseller web hosting, a reseller can r rent a dedicated server from a web hosting company and resell shared hosting services to third parties.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This is a form of web hosting that enables an account owner to lease an entire server without having to share it with anyone else. It is intended to support complex and high-traffic websites such as those for data centers. An account owner is usually provided with the mandate to fully manage his server, but at an additional cost. If the account owner has enough skills to operate a dedicated server, he can opt to handle the technical stuff on his own and save some money. However, if he lacks the necessary skills needed to run the dedicated server, some complications might occur and the help of a professional administrator may be highly required.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web Hosting

VPS web hosting bridges the gap between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. In a way, it is just like dedicated hosting in the sense that it provides the users with administrative control, root SSH access as well as the flexibility to install custom software and applications. Unlike in shared environment where the user has limitations that are usually determined by the web host, VPS environment allows the user to have full control in deciding how and what his server is to run.

With a clear understanding of the above major forms of web hosting services, you can be in a better position to choose the web hosting solution that is ideal for your needs and budget.


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