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Steps To Take When Buying a Domain Name

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domain-namesIf the thought of setting up your own website has struck your mind, you are probably wondering how you can get started. Well, there are various steps that you must undertake to ensure that you get the best webhosting service. One of the steps to take is to acquire a domain name for your website. There are various ways in which you can do this, and buying a domain name is one of them. You can either buy an available domain name, or you can negotiate for an occupied one. There are a number of steps that you must take when buying a domain name. They are as follows: –

Step #1- Weigh the factors that influence the price and value

It’s imperative for you to determine the factors that affect the price and value of a domain name. The main factors that determine the price include the length of a domain name, the number of words used, the ease of spelling the word and the amount of traffic that goes there without prompting. Short names are usually pricy basically because they have a lot of potential uses, which means that most people can probably check them out on their own. To reduce the price, you can lengthen the word, though this will consequently reduce the domain performance. If the domain name that you intend to choose contains a misspelling, then it’s more likely that you will lose traffic to the version that is properly spelled.

Step #2 – Ensure that you will be allowed to control all aspects of your domain name 

There are those companies that deal with domain name registration and hosting that do not allow their clients to make changes to their domains. Such companies will not allow you to make simple changes such as changing IPS tags and name servers via your control panel, unless you enter a request through their support system, which might take days before you get assistance. To avoid this, you should ensure that the domain name registration company that you are dealing with allows its clients to control all aspects of their domain names. This will not only enable you to get a control panel, but it will also allow you to check out what that control panel allows you to do.

Step #3 – Find out if you will be charged for transferring or releasing your domain name

A majority of domain name registration and hosting companies usually charge either a release or transfer fee every time the users decide to change hosts. If you feel that there is a possibility for you to change hosts at some point, it would be wise if you chose a company that won’t charge you for it.

Step #4 – Check whether your desired domain name is already taken

You should never assume that a domain name is available just because you didn’t get a hint when you typed it on the address bar. A name may fail to show if the site using it is not uploaded yet or if it is undergoing repairs. Therefore, it’s important for you to check with the domain name registering company to see whether the name is already taken.

There are various professional domain name registration companies that are highly reputable in providing fully functional control panels that enable their clients to gain full control over their domain names. You can choose one of them and get a chance to establish a successful website that will attract as much traffic as you want.

Step #5 – Protect your internet real estate.

You should consider purchasing the other extensions of domain name, that are popular such as .net, .com, .org, .in, .co.in, .eu or any other domain that is relevant to your geographic location. Search engines give significant preference for localized searches if you have a geographically relevant domain name. A complete list of internet top level domain extensions is available here.


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