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Linking twitter / twitter feeds / tweets to your website

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Linking twitterRunning a business comes with so many ups and downs. If you have a website, there is the need for you to have it linked with the social media sites that you have accounts with. This way, you can appreciate the following that comes from there. There is always a very easy solution that exists for users of Twitter who want to have readers or visitors visit their blogs in order to follow them on Twitter. Yes, doing this can be very easy and can give all your clients or readers a way to connect to you from various platforms.

In order to get a Twitter badge, widget or even button for your blog and websites, you need to go through with the process tactically. These alternatives offer a single-click hyperlink and this is linked to the blog to the right account profile on your Twitter account. So, you can have all Twitter users who read your blog follow you on twitter straight from your blog. This is a very easy way for you to promote your blog on twitter as well as Facebook. With easy to setup blogs that exist today, all you need to do is connect your Twitter account to your blog by allowing the permissions on your Twitter account and that is all.

There are other ways linking Twitter to your website can be achieved and it can be done through badges. Badges are very beautiful, attractive and also clickable images that are fixed on your website to give visitors of the website the encouragement that they can follow the website on other platforms than just the website they see. What badges do is to show the current Tweets that are sent from specific Twitter accounts. When you click on these badges, you will be redirected to the Twitter account of the website profile. So with this, you can easily follow the profiles online.

Also, there are buttons that come in form of clickable images too that take readers to a specific Twitter account that they can decide to follow. Nevertheless, buttons do not show the tweets. This is why you should not expect that with buttons.

There are also widgets that give the professional look to place different tweets from a specific account on Twitter to your website or blog. This is considered very important especially when the website talks about a specific company or individual. Here, the connection makes life very easy. Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites which many businesses have their businesses connected to. This is done to bring more awareness to their websites and blogs and to help make popular their brands.

Linking Twitter to website should never come to you with a payment to make or at a cost. This is because; it is free of charge to link your twitter account to your account. There are so many ways you can make life better with your twitter account connected to your website.

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