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Linking Facebook to your website

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Linking Facebook to your websiteOne of the most vital solutions that help to running a very successful MLM company is developing and making use of your individual website or blog. Nevertheless, having a normal, basic website or blog will never stand a chance among the many of other websites with some additions online. You always need to have in mind that, branding your business is very important. Doing this will help to increase your efforts and give you the very best value for your money without stress. Do you know that, bringing variety to your website can be easily done? All you need to do is to link your websites to some popular media sites and you will have a smooth redirecting and following from your social sites to your main websites.

If your account is build with Facebook, you can relax and know that, the process is easily done. When you link your website to Facebook, you are able to have more people following you. Also, the people who check your website will be people you know or have some personal relationship with. This makes sure more comments are given. Adding your Facebook link to your website is very easy. However; you need not rush the process.

If you are using WordPress, below is how to link Facebook to your account;

  1. Start by log in to your Facebook profile page. You need to open the profile to make linking process very easy.
  2. Copy the URL address from the top but make sure you copy it without the “http//” because you will end up having to delete it as the process goes.
  3. Past the URL copied into your WordPress page
  4. Log into your Dashboard
  5. Click on Pages then, Add new
  6. You can then give your page a title and this title should be unique to you. Here, it is mostly advisable to use just “Facebook”.
  7. Now, you will need to scroll your page down to Page Links To and paste your URL again.
  8. After pasting the URL you can save or store your page and display it on your website.

Making a decision regarding the order you want it to be in matters a lot. This is why you need to be very careful with the process. No matter the website page you want to link Facebook to, using the same procedure above works.

You can use the same format for all other social media sites. This is why so many people are adding their websites to their Facebook accounts. You can do that no matter the size or type of website you are running. This way, you will be able to understand and know what it means to have a larger following that you have a connection with. This way, you are able to know exactly what your followers consider the best content and also what they like. Social media websites always offer some special following that can never be taken for granted.

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