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Improving your Website

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Having a great website allows you to sell your product and service to anyone that comes on to your site, but if your site is lackluster and not appealing you may have trouble getting people to visit your site or buy your product. Fortunately there are many ways that you can improve your website to lead people to your site and make them want to buy from you. There are ways to tell how long that someone stays on your site and if they are staying less than 8 seconds they are not impressed and are quickly leaving your site. You will want to do all that you can to improve your site to make them want to stay longer and make a purchase.

Speed up your Website

People hate slow sites! They do not want to stay on your site if it is hard to pull in and hard to navigate. Often times if you have high resolution images or large animated pictures on your home page it will slow it down. This could be nuisance to incoming customers and make them want to leave the page. In order to fix this consider changing your homepage. Use only a few images and NO flash files. By doing this you will help people with slow internet speeds see your site. Another thing you should consider is making sure that you have a quality web host that offers great connections that are fast and of high quality. By repairing your slow site you will help people want to visit your site.

Keywords and Graphics

With any website you will want to have content that uses keywords. These keywords should be highly relevant to your topic and be enticing. The more that you use search engine optimization the better. You will stand out more and more customers will come to your site. A great way to make sure that you are picked up by search engines is to bold the keyword. This helps you to stand out among other sites especially with your keywords. Don’t bold every keyword though, just a few to make sure that it helps to entice people to come to your site.

Now you will want to work on your graphics. Tag your graphics with your keywords to help drive more people to your site. When someone looks that keyword up in an image search, your site will come up in the search engines. This can help you to drive more traffic to your website and will help with more sales.

Get Rid of Clutter and Noises

If you have music on your website, get that off of there immediately. While it might seem like a great idea at the time, if someone is going to your site and they are at work or the need no noise, they are going to be very angry if you have music and aren’t going to stay on long. Eliminate any noises from your site including talking ads and music.

Get rid of clutter on your website as well. No one wants to come to a website and see it jumbled. It is not understandable and will not be well accepted. Keep your site clean and keep your information there, but keep it to a minimum. Keep graphics simple and clean and do not go overboard with pictures. Make your site pop without all the jumble that some sites have.

Doing all the tips above will help you to increase traffic and maintain a steady flow of traffic. People will not leave your site quickly and you will have a better chance at selling your product or service. Hurry and make these changes today so that you can benefit from them.


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