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How Reseller Web Hosting Works

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Reseller web hosting can be referred as a web hosting service that gives an account holder the capacity to use his allocated bandwidth and hard disk space to host sites belonging to other third parties. In this case, the account holder is referred to as a reseller, who may be a web developer, or web design firm or a systems integrator who also specializes in offering web hosting as an add-on service. The reseller can purchase services in wholesale and sell them to his customers for a profit. He may either resell shared hosting services, or he may rent a dedicated server from a web hosting company. Reseller web hosting is also a cost effective option for newbie web hosting entrepreneurs. Besides being an inexpensive option, reseller hosting also does not require the account holders to have extensive knowledge of the technical aspects involved in web hosting.

Benefits associated with reseller web hosting

There are a number of benefits that are associated with this form of web hosting. Earning recurring monthly revenue is probably the greatest benefit that a reseller gets to enjoy. Since the reseller gets to purchase services in wholesale and sell them to other end users, he gets to enjoy some profits at the end of each month.  Another advantage of reseller web hosting is that it allows even the smallest of web hosting companies to compete with larger hosts. A reseller does not also require having technical skills to manage a reseller account, which is also another advantage.

How to choose the most ideal reseller hosting

When choosing a reseller hosting provider, it’s vital for you to look for one that not only accommodates all your web hosting needs, but also fits in your budget. It is imperative for you to assess these factors before signing with a hosting provider, in order for you make a wise decision that will benefit you and your potential clients. Besides those two factors, there are also some very vital steps that you should take when selecting a reseller hosting provider. They include: –

  • Selecting the target market is a vital step that a reseller should take. Choosing a specific niche helps greatly when it comes to developing marketing strategies. It also serves as a guidepost advertising campaigns, hosting platforms and available support offered.
  • It’s also important for the reseller to make an assessment of the available features in a reseller package. These features include bandwidth, disk space, overselling, control panels and the support options offered (such as email, 24/7 phone and live chat).
  • Conducting an extensive research on the reseller hosting provider is also another very crucial step to take. The reseller should review the company’s profile and check out the customer reviews or any other relevant information that can provide an insight on its competence.

So, if you intend to host a number of websites but don’t have a substantial budget and also thinks that a dedicated server or VPS is a bit too advanced for your present needs, then reseller web hosting is definitely what you should opt for.


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