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How People Try to Cheat at SEO. Does it Work?

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Just like any other thing where competition is high there are often shortcuts to skip some tasks here and there. Temptations to beat around the bush clicks like in every human beings mind at a certain point or another. There are certain places where despite how smart you think you are you simply cannot cheat: casinos employ security systems and well build guards make certain honesty and transparency. Airport employs alike strategies to curb illegal imports from getting in to the country. The internet as well has its way of ensuring transparency.


iStock_000017073946Medium2-300x2531 The whole scheme of cheating at search engine optimization is performing something that you understand well the search engines will not like. Considering you come up with a clever new short cut and it happen to work, ranking you to number one on search engines, it won’t last. Your competitors and also other people marketing their business online will question how you got to the first ranking that fast. They will copy you and the search engines will discover what all of you are doing. If you are lucky not to get a penalty, the algorithms will get changed and before you notice it could have caused so much harm on your search engine rankings.


Online business watch dogs are very aware of these practices. The most known one Google Panda will not hesitate to shut down websites with keyword blow ups down. If you get lucky and it works, it’s only for awhile before you get caught and there will be a price to pay. In some instances if the cheating you did was not on your site and hence not in your run, it could be months before you deal with the harm if at all you can. Often when website owners talk to the designers the client ends up asking, “There is no easier way” or “There isn’t any other way this things can be done quicker?” Yes for sure there is but it ends you between a rock and a hard place. Shortcuts on SEO can be a swift track to tragedy. Considering what short cuts is its obvious!


You may try to cheat while conducting an online business. This may be through getting people to have private e-mail information intended for promotional reasons, copying content for their personal use and creating links in prohibited places off their own website. It’s all hogwash despite how electrifying it may appear. It only ends the perpetrators in big penalties. If you are looking to do business online on the long run, if truth be told you need to keep your radiance glossy. Keeping up good online practices may be hard but you will learn more with time how to make your business better than had you swindled. Over time you will enjoy as you are expanding in business and in the end your business image will be sparkling and respectable.  As the saying goes; Honesty is the best policy.






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