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Hosting Xtreme Pricing compared to other Web Hosting Sites

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HostingXtreme offers the most affordable services

HostingXtreme offers the most affordable services


Setting up a website for your business is vital in today’s economy. Hosting Xtreme is a comparatively new web hosting company that can help you set up your very first website. Hosting Xtreme promises to provide you with reliable stable servers and value for money pricing. Hosting Xtreme claims that they have the cheapest prices around. In this post we will look at this claim in greater detail and compare their prices with those of well renowned web hosting companies such as GoDaddy.

If we compare the cheapest plan that is provided by Hosting Xtreme and GoDaddy then we see that the cheapest plan by Hosting Xtreme is the starter hosting at $1.50 per month and the cheapest plan by GoDaddy is the economy at $2.99 per month. If we look at them in greater detail we see that Hosting Xtreme’s starter hosting plan provides 50 MB disk space, 1 GB monthly Bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. In comparison the GoDaddy economy plan provides 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 100 email addresses. The comparison here may seem steeped in GoDaddy’s direction but here it’s important to note that with Hosting Xtreme you won’t have to pay for features you might not need. Therefore if you are looking for a small personal low traffic website then the Hosting Xtreme’s package might be most suitable for you!

Moving on to the feature plans for both the companies we will look at the Shared Hosting plan of Hosting Xtreme and the Deluxe plan of GoDaddy. The price of the Shared Hosting plan is $3.96 compared to the $4.49 price tag of the Deluxe package. The Hosting Xtreme plan provides the following features: unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, and unlimited email accounts. Comparatively the GoDaddy Deluxe plan provides: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting space, 25 databases, and 500 email addresses. This comparison is clearly steeped toward Hosting Xtreme which clearly not only provides the better service but also is at a cheaper price! One thing worth mentioning here is that the GoDaddy deluxe plan offers unlimited websites as well. Similar features from a web host company like BlueHost seem to cost even more.

All in all it seems evident that the Hosting Xtreme claims of cheaper prices are true to a great extent. Hosting Xtreme provides a lot more plans as well which might be more appropriate to your needs. Hosting Xtreme may be a new web hosting company but its services and without doubt of top quality. Getting these services will also ensure that your website is up and running all the time because Hosting Xtreme promises 99.99% uptime as well as maximum security for you and your customers. If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions or queries then feel free to visit us at: www.hostingxtreme.com.

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