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Do online reviews have any effect on sales?

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We live in an era that is dependent on the internet. What would you do if tomorrow you would be forced to live without phone and without the ability to go online.

Well, this was just a test to highlight how important is the internet and how much time you spend online. And now it come the question: how much are the sales affected based on online customer opinions. The answer is very simple: Sales increase with the number of positive opinions about a product.

Do online reviews have any effect on salesStarting from the initial idea to the conclusion that all the decisions you make heavily depend on information you find on the Internet. Before you buy a product you check technical features and of course the basic reason for purchasing a product is what depending on the reviews of those who have previously purchased it.

Here are some arguments that support the aforementioned theory.


First, it is scientifically proven that customers do not trust the manufacturers. Due to exaggerated and misleading advertising campaigns all the more potential customers are turning their attention to the opinions of those who have already used the product. Their opinion matters more because it appears in reality and not from an image created by the manufacturer.

A second argument is that it is proven that strong opinions of those around us always matter more when you make a decision. So before buying a product you always ask for opinions of your relatives, friends. Most of these comments are put online, in the social sites. So, those can be seen by so many people. In a very short time, most of these comments will be known by a lot o people. So you must pay a certain attention for your online reviews.

For this reason pay special attention for your reputation. The bad reviews or the good reviews affect sales. It is scientifically proven that companies that have positive reviews significant increases sales instead those whose reputation is tarnished by negative opinions of customers experiencing massive sales declines.

However do not try to buy or take products reviews from other sites because they are very easy to identify as false and this will damage more than if you do not have at all reviews.

At the same time, it is recommended not to use programs that automatically post reviews on your site. This site will load much too much and will annoy customers. It is enough if you keep a few opinions that are satisfactory to the customer.

Ignoring these comments can not only lead to loss of customers and thus lower sales.  Take your time for this action. Think about it that it Is a way to protect your firm. It is a form of loyalty to clients and to catch ground of those who have not yet tried the products or they have tried but have not used for a long time. Keep a reputable online and you have everything to gain!

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