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5 Ways to advertise online

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In this article we will see different forms to make your business popular on the web. The advertising is the most important thing when we talk about business that sell things or give service.

Google Adwords: Google has an a advertising system based on the pay per click: pay only if the user you click your ad. By this system, your online business instantly appear in the first positions for search engines, getting a huge amount of traffic. Being Google the most popular website in the world, is maybe, the best way to advertise. You pay only when people hit your advertise, at difference from other companies who makes you pay by impression, making pay for only people interested on your business.

 5 Ways to advertise onlineBanners: The advertising banners. A banner is a graphic image (usually a catchy headline) placed on a relevant website. Users who choose to click on the banner, will finish on your web site eventually. “A picture worth more than thousand words” but in the case of advertising on Internet, users use to hate so much, than they developed a blindness to this method of online advertising. Maybe is not the best way for the online advertising.

 Mobile advertising: Is another innovation in online advertising. With a historic Smartphone expansion (and more than one hundred million people have one) must be able to adapt our ads to the limitations of such devices: the size of the screen, it upload speed, multitasking (the user may be doing a thousand things at once you visit our video) and, of course, mobile phones that aren’t allowed to have more than one web open. All of this makes the users finish losing their patience browsing with these devices. The advertisement must adapt to this problem.

Affiliate Marketing: This is our next way for Internet advertising. “Affiliate marketing” is an online marketing practice in which are three agents  involved: advertiser, affiliate and affiliate platform. Advertisers pay offer to their members to achieve a number of objectives: sales, registrations, clicks etc. So what is the problem? Many web owners are not familiar with this concept, and they may think that there is something weird from behind.

 Social Networks: Advertising on social networks is our latest form of online advertising. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter already have their own advertising platforms. Think of all that you tell to Facebook and considering what this network knows about you: age, location, gender, marital status etc. Thanks to the data from social networks, the business have the most segmented data of the planet. What is it utility? Thanks to these companies can freely decide who to send their advertisement (it won’t worth paying for advertising to United States people to promote a Canadian hairdresser). This is probably the best way to advertise, because now every people have a social network account.

That are five of the more common advertisements ways. And what about you? What way would you choose?

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