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10 things you can do on a Linux computer, which you cannot do on Windows

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If you are tired of using Windows operating system, there is always a way out. The truth is that, you are not the only person who has issues with their operating systems. Although Microsoft Windows operating software might be one of the famous or well known in the market, there are some flaws it comes with which makes it necessary to have better alternatives. Comparing Windows to Linux, Linux is not as popular as Windows. However; Linux has some of the best features that you can never get with Windows.

Linux offers better features that and also is very easy to use than Windows which can be quite complex. This is one reason why many people move from Windows to Linux. Getting Linux is completely free however; Windows needs to be paid for and the amount is very huge which turns people off.

Below are some things to have you can do on a Linux computer which you cannot do on Windows;

  1. With Linux belonging to the GNU Public License, all users have the ability to access as well as modify the code to the very root that stands or is basis as the foundation of this operating system. This means, you can have access to the Linux code no matter who you are and use it in various ways unlike the Windows code that is made available to only elite members or groups.
  2. With a Linux GPL operating system that is licensed, you have the freedom to alter the software and make use of it as well as sell it so long as the code is made available. Such an easy licensing system with so much freedom makes it stand out as one of the best considering the fact that, Windows operating system comes with so many licensing restrictions.
  3. You can also download just one copy of Linux distribution and install in on different machines as you want with Linux but this cannot be done with Windows.
  4. You can install Linux on any hardware or machine with ease. This helps to make usage of the software on various computers and laptops very easy.
  5. Linux has a command line which is the invaluable tool that makes it stand out from all other operating systems. Although Windows also uses the command line, it is not as effective as that of Linux which makes Linux command line the best.
  6. With Linux, you have with almost every single distribution a centralized place or location exactly where you can search for, add or even remove applications. This means, finding these applications with Linux is no trouble whatsoever. With Linux however; you need to know exactly where the app is before you can make use of it.
  7.  Using Linux is very flexible and you can alter them all as you want. This helps to make modification easy.
  8. You can use any software or program on Linux without having to deal with restrictions which are not the same with Windows.
  9. With Linux, removable media is used in an automated way with Windows using a non-automated removable media method.
  10. Linux has multilayered run levels which makes operation very easy and splendid.

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