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How to setup an Auto Responder on any email account through cPanel

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This article demonstrates how you can create an AutoResponder in the cPanel Paper Lantern Theme. You can use the Auto Responder to inform clients of a defunct email address or also to inform senders that you are on vacation and will not be checking your email regularly.

To setup an AutoResponder, follow the steps given here:

1. Login to cPanel with your cPanel username and password. If you don’t know it or want to reset your cPanel Password, read this article.

cPanel Login

2. Once you login to cPanel, select the AutoResponders option in the Email Section.

cpanelautoresponders (1)

3. Fill in the details to setup your AutoResponder.

  • First set the Interval after which an auto responder will be sent again to the same email address. This means that if your receive many emails from the same email address, once the first AutoResponder goes out in reply to the first mail, the next auto reply will be sent after an interval that you specify.
    Eg: If you set it to 8 hours, a person who send you many mails within 24 hours, will receive only 3 autoresponders i.e. The first one, the second one after 8 hours of the first and the third one after 8 hours of the second reply.
    This helps to prevent unnecessary email generation.
  • Set the email address with domain name for which you want the Autoresponder setup.
  • in the From field you can mention a Display name which the recipient will see. It could be something which you normally use (like your Name and Surname) or you could customize it to indicate that it is an Auto Response.
  • Select a Subject to indicate that you are unavailable.
  • In the Body of the AutoResponder, you could mention all the required details of why you are unavailable and who could be contacted instead of you.
  • You can setup a Start Time and an End Time for the autoresponder to kick in automatically or to disable automatically.

cPanelFullAutoresponders (1)


4. Upon saving the setting for the auto responder, you should see a success message as below.

cPanelmsgAutoresponders (1)


5. To confirm or manage your auto responder at a later time, you can go to the Auto Responder section in cPanel and your newly created or existing Auto Responder should show up as given here.

cPanel   Autoresponders2 (1)

Each individual Email Account User can also create Auto Responders from their cPanel Webmail Login

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