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Reset the password on an email account through cPanel

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This article explains how you can change your email address password through cPanel, with screenshots from the cPanel Paper Lantern Theme.

1. Login to cPanel with your cPanel Username and Password. The URL for cPanel is at https://your_domain_name.com/cpanel.

cPanel-Login.png (361×364)

2. Click on the Accounts icon in the Email Section of cPanel.

Email Accounts


3. To change the password for an email account select the Change Password option next to the appropriate email address you want to modify.

cPanel  Email Accounts Change Password


4. Enter the New Password you desire to reset to in the Password field. Then reenter the New Password again.

Note: You will need to set a Long and Complex password so that it cannot be easily guessed by hackers. You can use the Password Generator to generate a random strong password.


cPanel  Email Accounts Password


Click on the Change Password button after you have put in the new password.

5. You should see a confirmation message that your Password was changed. You can now logout of cPanel and use your new email password.

cPanel  Email Accounts Password Changed

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