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5 Common Mistakes on Websites

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5 Common Mistakes on WebsitesSetting up a website and enjoying high levels of traffic is one of the most exciting ways to have your business running and making money online too. The design and presentation that your website has is one of the things that attracts surfers to your website so as to make money. When your website is professionally designed, your website can bring in more sales as well as profits. Therefore, you might be interested in finding out what common mistakes other people make with their websites that caused them to lose traffic and takes them down to nothing. Below are some 5 to consider and prevent;

  1. Using a common or generic template is damaging. A generic template is a template that is used by so many other websites. Templates for websites may be very convenient for you in the beginning because; they are very easy and quick to get online. However; you will need to change them as the times go or else, your business can be damaged. Customers and people in general like to see different things every day. This is why you need to be very different. If you want to however stick to using ready-made websites, you need to find a good designer who can customize colors and minor designs to make it distinct in a way.
  2. Websites that are difficult and confusing to use. Every website has to be user friendly. It also has to be very effective and easy to find the way. This should start from the very first day you think about a name. Yes, the name of your website should be very relatable and easy to find. Having a long website domain with no order in website design will chase people away in not less than a minute.
  3. Reduce amount of graphics. Although having graphics on website can attract people to the website, having too many of these graphics will kill your website slowly. This is because; it will slow down the loading of your website which many people do not have time for. You will end up looking like an unprofessional when people try to open and your site is always slow whiles your competition has the best website loading speed. Check your website and if you have some unnecessary graphics, it will be great to do way with them to save your website. With more original and exciting contents, you will gain more respect and will be established.
  4. Staying away from SEO which is search engine optimization techniques as well as the ineffective usage of keywords will always give you problems. Without having these processes in place with your website, you will never ever be visible online. Your visibility in online search engines is based on these systems.
  5. Offer quality content apart from selling your products. The fact that you aim at making money at all times does not mean you should forget about your clients who will buy the products. Make sure all products have detailed explanations of what products give, what they offer, and also other important specifications. This will help to inform the buyer better to feel more confident in buying.

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