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10 Myths about SEO

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5 Common Mistakes on WebsitesSince SEO is considered one of the best ways for visibility in search engines, there are so many myths associated with them that you should beware of. Below are 10 myths you need to be careful of:



  1. Ranking first is the only thing that matters

There are so many resources that place great importance of websites being the first in search engine results. This is not true. Although being the first on the page helps to build traffic, it does not assure that visitors will want to visit your website. Apart from search engines, there are other important features that are used to give rankings. This means, you need to be careful and consider other methods of advertising like social media, as you wait for search engine rankings to be the best.

  1. Outside aid is not important for SEO success

This is a mistake no one should consider. This is because the SEO process can be very tiring. This is why you will need the best SEO experts to aid you in ensuring your rankings are the best. Going about the process on your own will only break you and be a complete waste of time.

  1. META tags are most vital

Some years ago, almost every page on most websites where designed with content filled with META tags. So, the question here is why other methods of search engine visibility came in if META tags were perfect. This should show you how versatile SEO is and that it has been designed to be all over the place and not follow one particular style.

  1. Keyword rich domain names are better ranked

This is another myth that used to be true in the 90’s. However; they are simply not used today. To be ranked higher, you need to have pages with the best content that are human readable and understandable. It is however still necessary to have your domain name being your company name in order to make it easy for visitors to get to you.

  1. Submitting your website to search engines is very important

This is simply unnecessary to go through with especially if you are not doing so for a specific purpose. Whether you submit your website or not, you will be located by search engines if you have the right SEO implementations, the best social status and also the very best content for human reading and understanding.

  1. SEO and social media have nothing in common

This is never true. SEO and social media platforms work perfectly well together and with the best social media platform following, your website can be ranked higher.

  1. SEO is not affected by usability

The main aim of SEO is to increase traffic and also get people to want to read and know more about your company through the website which can lead to them buying some products. This means, SEO and usability work well perfectly and one can affect the other both negatively and positively.

  1. Update your home page every time

This is not something that should be done compulsorily. You will not rank high simply by doing this at all times.

  1. The only thing that matters is PageRank

This is very false. You need to have your visitors appreciate the content you give them. This is why although PageRank matters, having great content does too.

  1. Content is not as important as backlinks

This is simply not true. There is no way content will be important more than backlinks.

At hostingxtreme.com, we do not worry about myths because; we deal with quality. 

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