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When will I be able to buy the new TLDs?

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The new TLDs will be up for sale very soon. If you own a trademark, you will be given a higher preference over others, when registering these domain names.

How it works:

Sunrise Period >> Pre-Registration >> General Availability
Landrush Period >> Pre-Registration >> General Availability

What is the Sunrise (SR) period for booking a new TLD?

The Sunrise period is a period during which only Trademark holders can register a domain name containing their trademark.

A special Sunrise Application (with an additional non-refundable fee) must be made to purchase the domain. The Sunrise Registration fee will also be different.


During the sunrise period, only Apple Inc. will be allowed to register the new TLD apple.technology or apple.company.

What is the Land rush (LR) period for booking a new TLD?

The Land rush period, is a period during which generic names, which cannot have a trademark associated with them (words like business, company, school, phone etc.).

It is similar to the Sunrise period for Trademark Holders.

It is an exclusive period, which attracts Higher Fees (non-refundable) for Application and Registration.

When will the new TLDs be available in the Open Market?

When the domains cross the General Availability date, they become openly available to any person on a first-come first-served basis.

They will become available like all other domains, through your favorite providers, like HostingXtreme, at regular fees.

Can I book a new TLD domain name in advance? Can I be the first one to grab a name as soon as it becomes available in the open market?

Yes, during the Pre-Registration Stage, you can pay an extra Pre-Registration fee and we will try our best to book your domain as soon as it becomes available.

We will put all our resources to work, to make multiple requests to book your name as soon as bookings open. If we get the name for you, we will charge you, else, we will refund your money.



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